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Sideways Into Crazy is a place for people who realize their mainstream job/life/expectations does not feed their soul. If you feel like you have to furl your “Freak” flag to keep living the life you currently have, this is the place for you. If you are facing radical change in your life, or discovering a dream that is so big it terrifies you, this is the place for you.

Take a look around. On Sideways Into Crazy I will share stories, tools, and articles as I make my journey from a mainstream science job into an artist’s life. Many of us are making this leap, and in this community we can share our experiences, our art, and hopefully make some friends along the way.  This community will always be absolutely free, and I hope each member has a chance to gain support and give insights on their journey.

A bit about me:

Artist. Warrior. Scientist. Each has taken her turn. In October, 2012, after several years of the Scientist being in charge, I had two science degrees, was working a stable well-paying government job; and my soul was on life-support. Just before my dying gasp, the Artist scrambled to the top like a drowning person and said, “Enough! I am in charge now. “

And so the journey has begun. Stepping sideways into crazy, I am planning my escape from a stable, respectable job in natural sciences, and desperately scrabbling into the life of an artist. Somewhere between a disembodied wraith and a newly hatched baby bird, I test the waters and follow the path that makes my heart sing (and sometimes break).

CALLING ALL VISUAL ARTISTS: Do you have a photo/drawing/painting that goes with this theme of falling for a crazy life? Drop me a line! I would love to showcase fellow artists’ work on SidewaysIntoCrazy.

CALLING ALL WRITERS: I also would love to have guest posts on the blog. If you have something to say about living a heart-foward creative life, email me with a proposal for an article. (Especially on the topic of fear – its a biggie!)

I personally answer every email!

IT HAS BEGUN: my story as I pursue the priesthood of sacred story working. I recently returned from “over the pond”, where I completed  a two week intensive summer course at the Academy of Recorded and Live Arts, in London. This trip is my biggest step so far in my quest to become a working actor and writer.  Stay tuned as I share my journey and the many tools I have discovered along the way as I move to other side of fear, into the life my heart is singing about.

You can read about the start of this journey on here.

I look forward to seeing you there!

— Carson Walker


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